Installing and Running the Unidata IDV with Web Start

This web page explains how to install and run the Unidata Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) using Java Web Start. If you already have Web Start installed on your machine then click here to launch the IDV.

The Unidata IDV is the reference application for the Integrated Data Viewer Framework making general tools for displaying geo-referenced datasets. See the User Guide for an overview of the IDV. Java Web Start is an application-deployment technology that downloads all software needed from the Web and then starts the application. You do not need to set up directories, or FTP files, or configure anything - Web Start does it for you.

To run the IDV through Java Web Start just follow these steps:

  1. Read the system requirements.
    Before starting, please see the System Requirements to ensure that your machine is capable of running the IDV.

  2. Install Web Start

  3. Run the IDV
    Click here to launch the IDV. Once Web Start is installed, you only click here to start the IDV every time.
For additional information on starting the IDV through Web Start, see the IDV User's Guide and the FAQ.